95 Thesen plus 1 – Claude Wall

95 Theses Plus 1 – Claude Wall

Over the course of a year, Claude Wall developed 96 works in the form of theses on art and the art market. In so doing, he creates a connection over 500 years into the past with Martin Luther’s theses on the marketing of faith by the Catholic Church. Wall uses a wide variety of pictures and quotes from artists, philosophers and others dealing with the concept of art and culture.

The black hole on the cover of the exhibition catalog invites you to approach the topic and take a closer look. To deal with the works on the individual theses and consider them, but with a twinkle in the eye. Because, after all, the hole is just a printed black circle. On the back of the book, the artist has designed his own form containing information on the edition. It refers to the scope of the project, which is symbolized by the 95 dashes on the spine.

Kunsthalle Göppingen, 2018

Photography: Frank Kleinbach, Claude Wall


216 pages, 112 illustrations (color), 24.5 x 33 cm (closed), ISBN 978-3-947317-02-8


Hardcover; thread-bound; fine-embossed cover paper (Römerturm Colorplan Bright White, 1-sided embossed linen); light blue endbands


Brigitte Baumstark, Ludovico Bellori, Kai Bleifuss, Bruno Chaveau, Isabel Greschat, Sarah-Jamila Groiß, Julian Heel, Heinrich Heine, Leonhard Hofmann, Heiderose Langer, Werner Meyer, Juliane Müller, Xenia Stein, Donald Trump, Raimund von Webern