Alfonso Hüppi. Entwürfelungen

Alfonso Hüppi. Uncubing

Following Alfonso Hüppi’s use of very simple wooden crates and natural-colored scrap wood as materials for his ‘uncubings’, we printed the catalog on plain offset paper. The paper experiences a similar revaluation, via the printed images of the art objects, to that which occurs via the artist’ processing of the basic material of wood.

Städtische Galerie Ostfildern / Kunsthalle Göppingen, 2015

Photography: Alfonso Hüppi, Frank Kleinbach


48 pages, 29 illustrations (color), 14.8 x 21 cm (closed), ISBN 978-3-927791-90-9


Hardcover; matte laminated; thread-bound; offset paper (body copy)


Werner Meyer, Holle Nann