Camill Leberer – Glashaut

Camill Leberer: Skin of Glass

Though the exhibition “Skin of Glass” has been postponed until 2022, the good news is that the accompanying publication is already here!

The leporello consists of three brochures which can and should be set up like a sculpture. As with Leberer’s ‘object bodies’, one enters into a relationship with the publication from several angles and grasps the content via its container’s three-dimensionality. Even the poem printed on the colored cover only becomes properly legible when the leporello is stood upright and unfolded. 

Galerie der Stadt Tuttlingen, 2021


60 pages, 28 illustrations (color und b/w), 14.5 x 21 cm (closed), leporello 87 x 21 cm (opened), ISBN 978-3-9818691-7-0


Leporello with 3 integrated 16-page brochures, lock-stitch binding with colored threads, Gmund Colors Matt 86 cover paper


Anna-Maria Ehrmann-Schindlbeck