Duchamp als Kurator

Duchamp as Curator

With eight essays by different authors, this book presents fascinating insights into the curatorial work of Marcel Duchamp. In addition, numerous works of the artist and his colleagues are reproduced. The central illustrations chosen for the publication directly influenced its overall design.

For example, Marcel Duchamp’s 1942 installation “Sixteen Miles of String”, illustrated here, inspired the choice of the book’s unusual cover material: high-quality paper with a fine, densely interwoven golden thread structure which surrounds the 416 pages of content – just as Duchamp’s installation did to the works exhibited at that time. The material, almost textile, has an extremely attractive feel. Another reason not to put this book down. The cover of Richard Hamilton’s typographic version of Marcel Duchamp’s “Green Box” gave the idea for our book’s distinctive title font. It is further echoed in the chapter headings.

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Daimler Art Collection Published by Verlag Snoeck, Cologne, 2017


416 pages, 62 color and 36 b/w illustrations, in German and English, 15 x 23 cm (closed), ISBN 978-3-86442-230-0


Soft cover; cover material Favini Twist Gold


Akiko Bernhöft, Eva Fabbris, Elena Filipovic, Gerhard Graulich and Kornelia Röder, Susanne M.I. Kaufmann, Eva Kraus, Katharina Neuburger, Gesine Tosin, Sandro Zanetti and Renate Wiehager