Hannelore Fehse, Schwäbische Alb – Architektur und Landschaft

Hannelore Fehse: The Swabian Alps – Architecture and Landscape

In her paintings Hannelore Fehse concentrates on the essentials: on the beauty and clarity, as the artist writes in this catalog, of what she perceives when on the go or working in her studio. The exhibition catalog focuses on the architecture of the Swabian Alps and the manner in which it is embedded in the landscape and its inhabitants’ way of life. The catalog purposefully remains in the background, giving room to these sober yet intense paintings. The cover of the catalog itself seems to expand, pulling you in for an imaginary journey through the cultural landscape of Swabian Alps.

Gallery Albstadt, 2015

Photography: Hans Friedrich Fehse, Hannelore Fehse


24 pages, 21 illustrations (color), 21.5 x 24.5 cm (closed), ISBN 13-978-3-934439-45-0


Brochure; matte laminated; stapled


Hannelore Fehse, Dr. Veronika Mertens