Marcel Duchamp. Das kuratorische Werk

Chronologie der kuratierten Ausstellungen und Sammlungen

Marcel Duchamp: The Curatorial Work. Chronology of Curated Shows and Collections

Not only the look, but also the content of this book is a continuation of the recently published work “Duchamp as Curator”. Now, Renate Wiehager presents 70 exhibitions curated by Marcel Duchamp. Since Duchamp worked with many renowned female artists, Wiehager is also able to offer readers revealing insights into the art scene around Duchamp from the 1910s until his death in 1968.

As in the previous publication, Favini Twist is used – a particularly beautiful cover paper – this time in silver. See also Duchamp as Curator.

Daimler Art Collection, published by Snoeck, Köln, 2019


104 pages, 8 color and 29 b/w illustrations, in German and English, 15 x 23 cm (closed), ISBN 978-3-86442-303-1


Brochure, cover material: Favini Twist in silver


Renate Wiehager