RAM_Ralf Ziervogel

This catalog was created to accompany the exhibition “RAM_Ralf Ziervogel” at the Kunsthalle Göppingen. It consists of a square slipcase containing 6 leaflets and a brochure with texts by Werner Meyer, Dr. Melanie Arjah and Dr. Kai Bleifuss. Instead of the usual stapling method, an especially intriguing backstitch in black thread was used to bind the brochure. The slipcase, made of high-quality, through-dyed black cardboard, was silkscreened in white. The leaflets, which show both drawings and detailed illustrations of individual works, are intended as posters.

Ralf Ziervogel’s work can be seen in national and international exhibitions and represented in numerous renowned collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Städel Museum, Frankfurt a.M., the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the private collection of Harald Falckenberg.

Kunsthalle Göppingen, 2017

Photography: Frank Kleinbach


38 pages, 11 illustrations (colored), 6 leaflets (b/w), in a slipcase, in German and English, 20.5 x 20.5 cm, ISBN 978-3-927791-98-5


Slipcase with press-cut indent; one-color silkscreen printed; brochure with black backstitching


Dr. Melanie Ardjah, Dr. Kai Bleifuß, Werner Meyer