Traudel von Röthardt. Figurenkunst

Some of the dolls seen in the catalogue for Traudel von Röthardt’s “Figurenkunst” seem real enough to touch. You feel as though you’re in the midst of an exhibition—tempted, in an unobserved moment, to reach out and interact with the dolls. In case you missed your chance to see the exhibition, this reference work offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the artist’s world any time you want, getting to know its characters and fantasize with them.

The introductory text outlines the career and development of Traudel von Röthardt, followed by an in-depth look at her work. The booklet takes the form of an A4-sized brochure, wrapped in a removable paper cover of through-dyed gray paper.

Traudel von Röthardt

Photography: Frank Kleinbach


56 pages, 76 illustrations (color and b/w), 21 x 28 cm (closed)


Removable, gray through-dyed paper cover


Wolfgang Nußbaumer, Ellwangen