Christoph Dahlhausen. Raum-Licht

Christoph Dahlhausen. Room-Light

Light Works and Light Installations

The newest exhibition from artist Christoph Dahlhausen is part of his “Stabilizing Light” series. As he has done for other exhibition spaces, Dahlhausen designed a site-specific light-scaffolding installation for the Art Foundation Erich Hauser. Here, the artist has combined blue fluorescent lamps with steel scaffolding, reminiscent of the sort found at construction sites, producing a space-filling symphony of color. Visitors are immersed deep into the colored light, as well as its reflections and interactions with the space.

The accompanying exhibition catalog stands out with blue, Gmund Colors ‘Matt’ cover paper, making reference to Dahlhausen’s light-reflecting creations  with its use of silver foil-embossed accents. The inside content presents page-filling photos of the exhibition that give a foretaste of what to expect when you enter a room set at play by Dahlhausen.

Art Foundation Erich Hauser, 2019

Photography: Christoph Dahlhausen, Frank Kleinbach, Kunststiftung Erich Hauser


72 pages, 39 illustrations (color), 16.5 x 23.5 cm (closed), in German and English, ISBN 978-3-00-062796-5


Brochure, thread-bound, partial silver embossing (on cover), cover paper: Gmund Colors 'Matt'


Dr. Heiderose Langer, Dr. Melanie Ardjah