Stefan Rohrer. Zeitdilatation, Zeitdelirium,… – und zurück

Stefan Rohrer. Time Dilatation, Time Delirium, … and back again

The exhibition space of the Kunsthalle Göppingen is darkened, pierced only by the beams of light emitting from the headlights of Rohrer’s works: automobiles, formed and distorted by the forces of high velocity, reveal themselves in the space as objects of comic book-like intensity. Running in parallel, video works are shown that present the artist, who comes from a very musical family, engaging with his own musical (in)capacity.

The exhibition catalog picks up on the themes of automobiles, technology, darkness and headlights in various ways. First comes the nighttime environment, reflected by the black cover and black inner pages with white text. The typography on the fold-out softcover is printed with phosphorescent ink, bringing to mind the digital displays of car cockpits.

In the middle of the book, a fold-out section reproduces Rohrer’s video work shot especially for the exhibition.

Kunsthalle Göppingen, 2019

Photography: Frank Kleinbach, Johanna Neuburger, Stefan Rohrer


152 pages, 156 illustrations (color), 20 x 25 cm (closed), in German and English, ISBN: 978-3-947-317-10-3


Brochure; thread-bound; partial screen-printing with green phosphorescent ink; gate-fold section in center of book


Dr. Melanie Ardjah, Werner Meyer