Entlang der Wasserscheide – eine Songline

Along the Divide – A Songline

Kathleen Jahn dedicates her art project Along the Divide to “walking” as an aesthetically explorative process. In the spring of 2020, she began various walks on and along the watershed of the Swabian Jura. Created by shifts in tectonic plates, watersheds created the highest areas of a region as they emerged from the ancient seas. They have often been used as routes for large-scale migrations as well as military campaigns. The European watershed, for example, stretches from Gibraltar nearly to the outskirts of Moscow.

This oversized-format edition collects Kathleen Jahn’s research, documented in numerous black-and-white photographs.

Kathleen Jahn, 2020


24 pages, 93 (b/w) illustrations, 38 x 34.5 cm (closed)


Oversize, cover material: Gmund Color Matt 21