Pablo Picasso und die Literatur

Pablo Picasso and Literature

Our catalog design for the Kunsthalle Göppingen exhibition “Picasso and Literature”, which revealed a little-known facet of the artist, sought to be as poetic as the show itself. The 160-page book, with a light, airy design layout inside, is reminiscent of a literary publication from the outside.

The cover is defined by a high-quality cotton material from Peyer, which, with its pleasantly soft feel and discreetly iridescent look, harmonizes wonderfully with the graphic works of Pablo Picasso contained within. The cover was 2-color offset printed, inspired by the purist, austere gray exhibition walls, while the inside content was printed with a special 5-color process.

As lively as Picasso’ book illustrations, created over many years using various techniques, are the quotes from this “artist of the century”, which impressively illustrate his intense engagement with all aspects of his work. A selection of these are included in the exhibition catalog. The creation of this comprehensive catalog was accompanied and supported by the strict eyes of the Succession Picasso.

Kunsthalle Göppingen, 2018


160 pages, 107 illustrations (colored and b / w), 17 x 24 cm (closed), ISBN 978-3-947317-03-5


Hardcover; linen cover; colored endpapers; 5-color print (4 color + 1 special color)


Dr. Melanie Ardjah, Dr. Kai Bleifuss, Werner Meyer