Book Series: Lectures Notes

This book series, consisting of three publications thus far, was commissioned by the Duchamp Research Center, Schwerin to make public the current scholarly discourse concerning the French artist.

Though each book has its own color scheme, the three volumes are immediately recognizable as belonging together. When placed side by side, the barcodes on the spines of the three books create an image which will grow as more volumes appear.

Lecture Notes No. 1, written by Katharina Neuburger, concerns Marcel Duchamp’s exhibition practice in New York, while No. 2 highlights the relationships between Duchamp and Henri Bergson. The second volume was written by the Viennese philosopher and art historian Sarah Kolb. Volume three was published in 2020 with the title The Bizarre World of Ramond Roussel and Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass, written by Francesco Miroglio.

Art Collections Palaces and Gardens, Staatliches Museum Schwerin / Ludwigslust / Güstrow, 2014/2015/2020


No. I: 84 pages, 9 illustrations (colored), in German & English, ISBN 978-3-86106-129-8 // No. II: 112 pages, 12 illustrations (colored), in German & English, ISBN 978-3-86106-137-3 // No. III: 160 pages, 15 illustrations (colored), in German & English, ISBN 978-3-86106-147-2; Both: 14.8 x 21 cm (closed)


Brochure; matte laminated; adhesive-bound; the spine has a barcode - if the volumes are next to each other, the spines form an independent picture


Katharina Neuburger