Elke Kendel – Books of Poetry

This small, dark blue booklet is the third volume of poetry I have created for Elke Kendel. A former doctor who lived for 14 years in the Eastern Pyrenees, she has been based in Schwerin, Germany since 2008. 

Via its delicately embossed structure, the beautiful cover paper by Römerturm recalls a linen covering. The newest volume features a particularly striking white digital print on its midnight blue cover.

Elke Kendel, 2013/2017/2020


Wo das Wort spielt und entschwindet, ISBN 978-3-00-043021-3 / Spät aus den Nebeln ausgewirrt…, ISBN 978-3-00-057893-9 / UNTERWEGS mit wandernden Horizonten, ISBN 978-3-00-065765-8; 12.5 x 20.5 cm (closed)


Softcover; cover material: Römerturm Colorplan “Sapphire” with “Silkweave” embossing; Inside pages: Munken “Pure”; Cover: white digital print